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As a life long area resident and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who has spent four or five days each week in area courts I can honestly say I know this community well. As a Criminal Lawyer and specialist in OUI I truly enjoy working relentlessly for you! This blog is a way to share some of what I have learned and to give you a chance to get to know me. If you have a legal issue feel free to call my office. If I cannot help you I will be glad to refer you to a suitable attorney. Relentlessly yours- Dan

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Amherst Lawyer: Dan Sandell on OUI

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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in UMASS
UMass disciplinary Hearing

Having to go the Dean of Students office at the University can be a fairly scary time for any student who is facing disciplinary action for alleged misconduct. Many students don’t realize that alleged criminal conduct that occurs outside of the grounds of the University may also be a ground for disciplinary action by the Dean of Students.

A UMass disciplinary hearing can have a wide range of consequences ranging from an agreement to remain in good standing throughout the rest of the school year or in the worst case scenario, an expulsion from the University. Although there is no promise that having an attorney by your side will get you your desired outcome, it can lower the risk of a drastic punishment like an expulsion or academic suspension being imposed by having that attorney explain your version of events to the Dean of Students as well as highlighting any past or future corrective action that may need to take place so that another incident is not likely to happen again.

The Law Office of Daniel M. Sandell is dedicated to providing a high level of legal representation to University and college students at a reasonable and affordable flat fee. Depending on the complexity of your issue and the anticipated length of hearing, the general flat fee to appear with a student at a disciplinary hearing generally ranges from $200-$400. If you are facing an imminent hearing by the Dean of Students office, don’t wait until the last minute, contact Daniel M. Sandell at 413-549-3883 to schedule a free consultation. We are right here in Amherst MA and can help you succeed.

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Posted by on in CheckLists
OUI Attorney Checklist

Being arrested for Operating under the influence can be a traumatic experience. The area of law surrounding OUI arrests has become very specialized over the past decade and it is extremely important that you have an attorney whom you feel comfortable with as well as being confident in their abilities to represent you throughout the court process. Below is a list of questions that I feel is appropriate to ask any attorney before retaining them for an Operating under the influence case. I have also provided my own answers to these questions for you:


What portion of your practice is dedicated to criminal defense?

90% of my practice is dedicated to representing criminal defendants in district courts across the Commonwealth.


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Posted by on in FAQ’s
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


If I get pulled over after I’ve been drinking, should I take the field sobriety tests? Not many people realize that evidence that you refused your field sobriety tests is not admissible in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. People are often told that if they “just get out of the car and do these tests, you can go home after you show me that your OK to drive”. It is not the police officer’s duty to inform yo of this and they rarely, if ever do. Although you may do well on these tests and be sent on your way, in many cases people don’t do so well on these tests, only adding harmfull evidence of your poor performance on these tests to the Commonwealth’s case against you. If you refuse the tests, you will likely be arrested, but you generally will have a stonger OUI case to defend without the evidence from the Field Sobriety tests. 

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Posted by on in CheckLists
Search and Seizure Checklist

A skilled defense lawyer who has years of experience in criminal courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and should be able to look over and review with you the issues surrounding:

  • How did the police first come into contact with you?
  • How and Why did the police stop or seize you?
  • Did the police exceed the scope of their search?
  • What did they seize and can it be returned to you?
  • Did you consent to a search and was your consent valid?
  • Did you give a statement to the police and how was it obtained?
  • Were you given your Miranda Rights, where and when were they given to you ?
  • Were you propertly administered a Breathalyzer Test and informed of your rights regarding the Breathalyzer test?
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Posted by on in Parent Information
For Parents

No parent is ever thrilled getting the phone call from their son or daughter telling them that they have been arrested. Although you may not be thrilled with your child after you hang up the phone, you likely want to make sure that they are treated fairly by the criminal justice system and the Dean of Students office. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible can help ensure that your child may be able to preserve their criminal record or point out defenses to the alleged misconduct.

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For Students Especially UMASS, Amherst and Hampshire College

Many UMass students are not aware that almost all of the campus at Amherst is covered with security cameras that can be monitored by the police. Many of these cameras can be rotated to look at all sorts of activity. Many of these cameras also have night vision and a very good zoom capability.  Whether you are walking to class, in a UMass parking lot, or tailgaiting at a football game, assume you are being watched by one of the many cameras located across the University of Massachusetts at Amherst campus.

Although it is great to have wireless internet access across campus, many students are not aware that these devices can be tracked by the authorities. Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, if you have these devices on your person, you can be tracked accurately within a few feet. It is even possible to locate what dorm room you were in when you used a laptop. Information is power and it is good to know that the University has the ability to keep tabs on you if it wants to.

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Our Goals For You -Experienced, Affordable & Approachable

The Law office of Daniel M. Sandell offers services in negotiating and litigating OUI cases and all other criminal matters that remain in District Court. Attorney Sandell has tried numerous cases in the Commonwealth, and if you eventually decide to go to trial then you should rest easy knowing that attorney Sandell will be fighting on your side.

Although this office primarily deals with criminal defense litigation, the office is now offering family law services for divorces, child support, child visitation modification, and pre-marital agreements at an extremely reasonable rate of $75 per hour. In addition, the office also offers simple wills and estate planning starting at $100 for a simple will.

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Top mistakes made by inexperienced defendants in OUI cases

An OUI conviction can have long lasting consequences on your ability to find employment, drive your motor vehicle, and your freedom. OUI law has become a very specialized field over the past decade and it is extremely important that you have an attorney that will effectively represent you at a fair and reasonable price.


Too many people before they walk into the courtroom and in the courtroom make many mistakes that could have easily avoidable if they had gotten sound legal advice from an attorney that regulary handles OUI cases. Many of the mistakes that I see are provided below as well as ways that people could have avoided them.

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