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    Attorney Sandell has handled over 2,000 criminal cases in District Courts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts over the past fifteen years.

    Whether your case involves an allegation of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence [OUI/DWI], an allegation of domestic violence, or any issue surrounding controlled substance possession or distribution, Attorney Sandell has dedicated over a decade of time and energy into understanding these issues as well developing strategies to work towards the best possible disposition of these matter in courts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

    In addition to years of experience and a high level of legal skill, Dan can explain complicated legal concepts to clients in terms that can be easily understood.

     Very few law firms, let alone a single attorney possess this level of experience. Attorney Sandell has tried dozens of cases, argued complicated motions and has on more than one occasion made arguments for his clients in the Appellate Court.


  Attorney Sandell regularly appears on behalf of clients in Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin and Worcester Counties many days per week and is very familiar with the Judges and Assistant District Attorney’s who regularly sit and practice with those courts.

    The Goal at our Amherst office is dedicated to providing top of the line legal services at reasonable rates for individuals facing difficult challenges, college students, and working families. With our flat fee criminal representation program, there are no hidden costs, and Dan will  answer all of your questions before you are presented with a fee agreement. At our office Dan will personally handle your matter and you will never be referred out to a junior associate that does not have extensive trial experience.

    If you are charged with any crime in a District Court in Massachusetts that does not involve an allegation of murder, rape, or a violent sexual assault on a child then Attorney Sandell has likely represented a person in a similar situation in the past.

     Along with representing individuals already charged with a crime, Attorney Sandell also appears for his clients in many other situations.

      Appearing at a show cause hearing on behalf of a client may prevent an individual from ever having to enter into a courtroom.

      Knowing whether an individual may qualify for a diversion program can make a huge impact on the outcome of your matter. 

     Although civil in nature, having Attorney Sandell represent you in a restraining order or criminal harrassment order hearing can impact whether or not you recieve an order, or whether an order issues against you.

    Dealing with the RMV can be a difficult process, Attorney Sandell can assist you in the process of working with the RMV to restore your right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts.

    Having an old criminal case on your background check could harm you from obtaining a promotion or being hired. Attorney Sandell is familiar with the process of sealing an individual's  criminal record an can assist you with that as well.

    If you are the victim of a violent crime, having attorney Sandell by your side can help guide you through the process of a criminal case and can ultimately work towards getting you all of the compensation you are legally entitled to.


    It's easy for attorney Sandell or any other attorney for that matter to throw up a website, and claim you have years of experience without backing it up. I understand that most people viewing this site are probably not familiar personally with Dan Sandell or the successful work he has done for thousands of people in Western Massachusetts. 
      To help aid you in determining which attorney is experienced enough to handle your legal matter, I have provided below a list of common questions (and answers) you may want to ask your attorney before you retain them. 
    I have also provided a list of most of the common crimes that occur in District courts in Massachusetts and indicate whether or not I have represented someone on that type of case and whether or not I have defended an individual during a trial on that charge.  The information contained in here was drafted in May of 2019 and is subject to change in the future. Please click on the links below to view an extensive table of the types of matters Attorney Sandell has handled in the past.
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For Students Especially UMASS, Amherst and Hampshire College



     Many UMass students are not aware that almost all of the campus at Amherst is covered with security cameras that can be monitored by the police. Many of these cameras can be rotated to look at all sorts of activity. Many of these cameras also have night vision and a very good zoom capability.  Whether you are walking to class, in a UMass parking lot, or tailgaiting at a football game, assume you are being watched by one of the many cameras located across the University of Massachusetts at Amherst campus.

     Although it is great to have wireless internet access across campus, many students are not aware that these devices can be tracked by the authorities. Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, if you have these devices on your person, you can be tracked accurately within a few feet. It is even possible to locate what dorm room you were in when you used a laptop. Information is power and it is good to know that the University has the ability to keep tabs on you if it wants to.


     Tons of new students when they come to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass and ZooMass) are not aware of any of the laws in the Commonwealth as well as the Town of Amherst Bylaws that effect college students. A prime example is that many students don't realize that there is a presumption that a driver of a motor vehicle has knowledge and control over all of the objects and that car. Without knowing this, dozens if not hundreds of college students each year who are not twenty-one drive there over 21 year old buddies to the liquor store. On the way home they get stopped by the police and are arrested being a minor in possession of alcohol.  If only these students knew the law and had the older person drive the car, they could have avoided being arrested,  avoid having to call their parents, and avoid having to go into the Dean of Students office.  Other issues that come up regularly are the town of Amherst's bylaws and regulations regarding loud noises, kegs of beer, and nuisance houses. Although these town bylaw offense do not carry a jail sentence, they could lead to you being arrested as well as paying a hefty fine, especially for the college student living on a shoestring budget. A link to all of the "wonderful" bylaws that the town of  Amherst has to offer UMass college students can be found at the following link: http://www.amherstma.gov/DocumentView.aspx?DID=5500


     Although UMass legal services does perform quality work for students in a number of areas.  It my understanding from my fifteen years of living in the area and attending the University myself that no attorney from legal services will repersent you in a criminal matter when the Univerity of Massachusetts police is involved or when the alleged criminal conduct took place on the University. Many students walk into Legal Services expecting help with their ongoing criminal matter only to be farmed out to some other attorney that does not work for the University, some of these attorneys may not even have an office in town or be within walking distance to the University. Instead of wasting your time at legal services hoping you are farmed out to a skilled attorney, contact Dan Sandell at  413-549-3883 to set up an appointment to discuss your legal matter. Attorney Sandell understands that not all college students are made of money and strives to ensure that is flat fee system is one of the most affordable options for legal services in the Amherst area.

     As a proud member of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst class of 2000, I am proud that I am able to help out college students as they go over the bumps in the road  and help them get through the rough patches in their lives,  moving them forward to promising careers. As someone who worked their way through school, I appreciate the value of every dollar that you earn and strive to provide one of the most effective and affordable service in the 5-College area.

     With an office located in Amherst, it is easily accessible to students attending UMass as well as Amherst  and Hampshire College. Having attorney Sandell by your side can help reduce the possiblilty of a criminal conviction entering against you. As a student who will be entering the workforce in a few years, you do not want to have to explain why criminal convictions showed up on your background check to a possible employer. Many students fail to realize that guilty convictions can make it extremely difficult to find a decent job, and convictions for certain offenses can bar you from and entire field of employment. Don't stroll into court without a lawyer and plead guilty because it is the easiest thing to do, you may realize ten years later it was one of the worst decisions that you ever made. Having a skilled attorney like attorney Sandell can help guide you through the criminal justice system during your time of need.


We hope you will find the information  on this site helpful. Please be aware that material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and may be considered advertising pursuant to the rules of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. The material contained on this website is not intended and should not be intended as legal advice for your individualized matter. This information does not constitute legal advice and does not create or imply an attorney-client relationship. Any readers of this information should not act or rely on any information provided herein without consulting legal counsel. It is crucial to contact an attorney prior to making any important decisions regarding your legal rights.