Daniel Sandell


Meet Criminal Law and Oui/ DUI/DWI Lawyer- Dan Sandell

     Attorney Daniel M. Sandell has been practicing law from his offices in Amherst since 2004 and he is a life-long resident of Massachusetts. After growing up in the South Shore and graduating from Marshfield High School’s class of 1996, Dan then continued on with his education at The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, graduating with the class of 2000. Desiring to remain in Massachusetts, Dan continued his education by completing his legal studies at Western New England University in 2003. 

Interested in people & their lives.

     After graduating High School at age 17, Attorney Sandell graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and Psychology, and is very proud of the charitable organizations and endevours that he engaged in during his time as a student.  Following graduation from UMass Amherst, he worked with developmentally disabled children and young adults at the Cardinal Cushing School in Hanover Mass, for the summer prior to Law School. Throughout his legal career, attorney Sandell has met thousands of individuals from practically ever walk of life, has taken the time to get the know them, and the issues that concern them in order to help develop the best strategy possible for their legal matter. With attorney Sandell's background, life experience and education, he has worked with numerous people with mental health issues, developmental disabilities, as well as those with substance use disorders.  

Over 15 years of  Experience in the Courtroom to resolve your matter Whether you decide to go to trial or not.

     In the spring of 2004, The Law Office of Daniel M. Sandell was opened at its original location on Fearing Street in Amherst. Focused almost exclusively on representing defendants in the District Courts across from the Commonwealth, on average Attorney Sandell has been fighting for his clients 4-5 days a week in courtrooms across Massachusetts for over a decade.  With almost unparalleled experience for his age and  combined with his experiences in negotiation, oral argument, motion practice and trial skills, very few law firms, never mind other solo practicioners have close to the level of experience that attorney Sandell possesses.  If a client wishes to resolve their matter short of a trial,  Attorney Sandell will make every effort to negotiate on your behalf in order for you to obtain the best result possible . If a client wishes to have a trial then attorney Sandell will walk you through how the trial is conducted, how to conduct yourself during that trial, and most importantly attorney Sandell will prepare you to tell your story to a judge or jury during your direct testimony and prepare you to answer all of the questions an assistant district attorney may ask you on cross-examination.

A Comfortable Office for Real Conversations with Clients

     In March, 2011, Attorney Sandell moved his office into its new location at 228 Triangle Street in Amherst, Ma. With the offices new conference room facilities, the law office of Daniel M. Sandell now offers a comfortable, first class space to meet and discuss anyone’s legal concerns. 


Attorney Sandell has resolved over 2000 criminal cases- all in Massachusetts

     Having resolved over 2000 criminal cases in the District Courts throughout the Commonwealth since becoming an attorney, Attorney Sandell has developed a vast amount of experience in a short amount of time. By devoting a majority of his practice towards understanding the legal issues and arguments that surround every aspect of effectively representing criminal defendants in courts throughout the Commonwealth, contact his office at 413-549-3883 for a free consultation today.