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     No parent is ever thrilled getting the phone call from their son or daughter telling them that they have been arrested. Although you may not be thrilled with your child after you hang up the phone, you likely want to make sure that they are treated fairly by the criminal justice system and the Dean of Students office. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible can help ensure that your child may be able to preserve their criminal record or point out defenses to the alleged misconduct.


     Whether your child is charged with Operating under the influence of alcohol or OUI, a controlled substance offense, an assault and battery, or a crime of domestic violence, you can rest assured knowing that your child's case is being handled by attorney Sandell. Attorney Sandell has resolved roughly two thousand cases in District Courts across the Commonwealth, with many of those cases involving college aged students at local colleges in Western Massachusetts. As someone who has seen numerous cases stemming from riots on college campuses, cases stemming from all sorts of alcohol induced behavior at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Long term drug investigations that lead to students going to court, there is very little that attorney Sandell has not seen throughout his fifteen years in Western Massachusetts.

    Having to go the Dean of Students office at the University can be a fairly scary time for any student who is facing disciplinary action for alleged misconduct. Many students don’t realize that alleged criminal conduct that occurs outside of the grounds of the University may also be a ground for disciplinary action by the Dean of Students.

    A UMass disciplinary hearing can have a wide range of consequences ranging from an agreement to remain in good standing throughout the rest of the school year or in the worst case scenario, an expulsion from the University. Although there is no promise that having an attorney by your side will get you your desired outcome, it can lower the risk of a drastic punishment like an expulsion or academic suspension being imposed by having that attorney explain your version of events to the Dean of Students as well as highlighting any past or future corrective action that may need to take place so that another incident is not likely to happen again.

    The Law Office of Daniel M. Sandell is dedicated to providing a high level of legal representation to University and college students at a reasonable and affordable flat fee. Depending on the complexity of your issue and the anticipated length of hearing, the general flat fee to appear with a student at a disciplinary hearing generally ranges from $200-$400. If you are facing an imminent hearing by the Dean of Students office, don’t wait until the last minute, contact Daniel M. Sandell at 413-549-3883 to schedule a free consultation. We are right here in Amherst MA and can help you succeed.