Free Consultations

Dan Offers Free Consultations in person, over the phone, as well as over Zoom.

Feel Free to reach out to the office directly or complete an Intake Form.

If you are seeking Mediation Services, please complete a Mediation Intake Form.

Best Practices in Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

     Please contact the office directly or send an email to Dan to Request a Free Consultation. Dan is fairly busy representing his clients so he or his staff may not be at the office all hours of everyday to answer the phone immediately or have the time to respond to your email. Please Allow for a 24 - 48 Hour turnaround time. If your matter is an emergency then please type "New Client / EMERGENCY" in either the title of the email sent to or in the intake form available on this website. Dan considers an emergency to be; At a police station under arrest looking for immediate representation, a SWAT team is at your door, or you are about to be lit on fire.  If you were arrested on a Friday or Saturday night and are looking for representation for the following Monday Morning then please either send an email to and put "Weekend Arrest" in the title. 

     Any abuse of sending an emergency request will likely result in your call being left unanswered or Attorney Sandell representing you any longer. 

Time is important, Keep your appointment or reschedule in Advance.

      Dan is a very understanding person regarding how unexpected events can come up and interfere with your schedule. If you are unable to keep an appointment with Dan, please notify the office as soon as possible so that we can reschedule your appointment. In the event you miss more than one scheduled appointment without contacting the office, do not expect another appointment to be scheduled. If this occurs with an active client, Dan will likely have a discussion with you about finding another attorney who has plenty of time to stare at the wall while you blow off another appointment. 

     If I was practicing in juvenile court I would be much more understanding of a missed appointments. Dan represents adults and at a minimum, he expects a baseline of responsibility from you. 

The consultation is free but we assume you have the funds to hire an attorney.

      Dan spends a portion of his time as a defense attorney engaging in public service work representing indigent [persons who could otherwise not afford an attorney] in some of the busiest courts over the past fifteen years. With over 500 "duty days" [days Dan has spent in court accepting cases for indigent persons] in the rear view mirror, I have arguably done more to serve the indigent populations in Western Mass than some entire public defender offices. My "pro bono" or free work for clients is not a regular activity for Dan at this stage of his career. If you cannot afford an attorney please contact your local bar association, public defenders office, or bar advocate program.

     If at any point a person requests during a free consultation that the services be provided for free or they indicate that they don't have the money to pay for an attorney, the free consultation will end, and you will politely as possible be asked to leave the office. 

     It is expected that all funds for the legal services be paid in advance of Dan filing an appearance as an attorney on your behalf. 


Experience Meets Affordability


   Attorney Sandell regularly appears on behalf of clients in Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin and Worcester Counties many days per week and is very familiar with the Judges and Assistant District Attorney’s who regularly sit and practice with those courts.

    The Goal at our Amherst office is dedicated to providing top of the line legal services at reasonable rates for individuals facing difficult challenges, college students, and working families. With our flat fee criminal representation program, there are no hidden costs, and Dan will  answer all of your questions before you are presented with a fee agreement. At our office Dan will personally handle your matter and you will never be referred out to a junior associate that does not have extensive trial experience.

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