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Why are less Experienced Attorneys Charging more for the same service?

     The Quick answer is people are paying for it. It is somewhat shocking to find out how quickly a person makes a decision to hire an attorney.  If you compare on average the time a person spends reviewing and hiring an attorney as compared to buying a used car or appliance, people spend more time on the latter. 
   I rely on my experience and reputation to attract new clients. I don’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing every month so that I appear at the top of a search engine in the paid Ad section. I also do not wear extravagant clothes or drive expensive cars in an attempt to fit into the fake it until you make it lifestyle. Finally I haven't over extended myself and need to make a payment on my third home or yacht every month. Dan charges reasonable and affordable rates for a high level of legal representation.
   I also don’t “Put on a Show”. What I mean by this is that I have lost count of the times I have seen an attorney start yelling and screaming in open court about injustice, etc that has little to no effect on the outcome of the matter. What this act does is fool the poor client into thinking they have a great lawyer because of their act. I personally find these people to be con artists in fancy suits. When things don’t go their way they will often blame the court, the judge, and the prosecutor instead of their own tactical mistakes as to why they didn’t get the result their client wanted. “You would have won, but that judge is incompetent... blah, blah, blah.” . As an attorney there is no finish line, I am always trying to learn new skills to improve the results for my clients.
   I also try to be respectful that for many of my clients, going through the criminal justice system is one of the most traumatic experiences of their life. I personally find it distasteful to ask someone who had to go through this experience to write a positive review publicly. If a person chooses to do so then so be it but I don’t plan of profiting off of the embarrassing moments my client’s have had to live through. 
      Finally, I provide blunt, honest, legal advice. Not everyone with the legal problem is going to be told that at the end of their journey through the criminal justice system , they are going to be gifted letters of apology for getting charged by the District Attorney’s office, candy canes, lollipops, and rainbows. If you want to hire an attorney that tells you what you want to hear then you are on the wrong website. 

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